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World War II

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World War II Map  Dictatorships of Europe.pdf  
What is Fascism?  What is Fascism_.pdf  

Declarations of War 





Why Pearl Harbor?

The Atlantic Charter

British Declare War on Germany.pdf

Day of Infamy Speech w questions.pdf

Japan Declares War on Allies.pdf

Hitler Declares War.pdf


 Why Pearl Harbor.pdf


Battles  stalingrad.pdf  
WWII Timeline  Early WWII Timeline.pdf  
Pearl Harbor Survivors 

Adolph Mortensen on USS Oklahoma.pdf

Roy Cella saw it happen.pdf

James Thomas Hamlin-USS California.pdf

George D. Phraner on the USS Arizona.pdf  

World War II Reading 

Early WWII Reading.pdf  


Liberation of Concentration Camps

World War II Allies Gain Control PowerPoint

World War II Propaganda 



Japanese Internment Powerpoint


Atomic Bomb DBQ Honors


Atomic Bomb Readings with Questions



Read the following and answer the questions at the end of the reading.



What they Teach in Japan about World War II.


Liberation of the Concentration Camps.pdf

The Allies Gain Control- conclusion.pdf

WWII Propaganda.pdf



Japanese InternmentPPT.pdf


Atomic Bomb DBQ.pdf


Atomic Bomb Readings with questions.pdf



The Home Front WWII.pdf



What Japan Teaches about WWII..pdf



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