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The Great Depression and the New Deal (redirected from The Great Depression)

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Great Depression Impact on Different Groups

Women during the Great Depression.pdf (Group 1)

Youth of the Depression.pdf (Group 2)

 CitiesduringtheDepression.pdf (Group 3)

Farmers.pdf (Group 4)

Impact of the Great Depression Group Questions.pdf

The Great Depression Descriptive Writing Assignment  Choice Activity Great Depression .pdf
Examples of Historical Poems  History Poems.pdf  
Sensory Moment in Time  Sensory Moment In Time.pdf  
FDR becomes President



New Deal Introduction 

Causes and Effects of the New Deal(1).pdf

Government Involvement P.C..pdf  

New Deal Programs (Honors Reading)  New Deal Programs (Honors).pdf
New Deal Programs (Chart-Quiz Review)  New Deal Programs.pdf  
New Deal Problem-Solution Chart Problem Solution- New Deal- Regular.pdf
Fireside Chat and Questions  Fireside Chats Questions(1).pdf March 12 fireside chat(1).pdf  
HONORS Review Sheet- Great Depression FDR Review Honors.pdf
Reading on the Second New Deal  The Second New Deal.pdf



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